Papanui Open Range Eggs


What is Papanui?

  • Papanui is a property located near Merriwa in the Upper Hunter Valley of NSW.
  • The property supports beef cattle and open range eggs as complimentary enterprises.
  • Papanui has been a family run property since 1964 and we began producing open-range eggs in 2001.

How does it work?

  • The chooks roost in mobile homes, made from old buses.
  • They follow the cattle in a planned grazing system, moving every few days to fresh pasture.
  • They are protected by Maremma dogs from foxes, eagles and other prey.

Why Open Range?

  • Our chooks have complete freedom to roam as far as they like every day, and are not contained by any fences.
  • They have a full beak enabling them to forage properly for food in the paddocks.

Happy New Year to all.
We have 2 new team members to introduce.
Simon and Garfunkel joined us just before Christmas.
Here is a pic of them being cute. Thanks Sarah for the photo.
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We are having the most spectacular spring here at Papanui Open Range Eggs. Shot a quick video this afternoon while everything is still green.
The purple flowering plant that's everywhere is a legume called Woolly Pod Vetch.

Music; American Dream(Afterlife Remix), Jakatta.
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We have eggs available - this is an unusual situation - first time in many years. If you can think of a shop that should be selling our eggs then either email us or just let them know there is a window of opportunity that will close soon. We have recently built bus number 9 so that is why - we are producing more in response to demand, thing is we have overshot the production target.... thank you for your help from us all at Papanui ... See MoreSee Less

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