Papanui Open Range Eggs


2016 Awards

We are very pleased to announce we won a Gold Medal at the delicious.magazine Produce Awards ceremony held in Sydney on Monday night. This was the finals for this year, we won the NSW award a few weeks ago, this one is the National Award. We were the only egg producer in Australia to win Gold – as we were the only egg producer last year to win a medal (they didn’t give out “Gold” last year, just “Medals”) Congratulations to Milking Yard Sommerlad Chicken for winning the overall From the Paddock section and to Michael Sommerlad for his grass-fed chickens he has developed over the years – well done! (again).


2015 Awards

This year in 2015 we were excited to make it once again to the finals.

The delicious team decided to have an extra push as this was the 10th anniversary of the produce awards, so they held the awards night once again at the Sydney Opera House.

We were very honoured to receive an award this time, we were announced as a Medallist in our “from the paddock” section.

The producers to receive an award are listed below, we were the only egg producer in all of Australia to receive one – so we were pleased.

Produce Awards 2015 Medallists

Burrawong Gaian, Pasture-raised chemical-free poussin, NSW
Melanda Park, Free-range suckling pig, NSW
Mirrool Creek Lamb, Mirrool Creek lamb, NSW
Papanui Open Range Eggs, Papanui open-range eggs, NSW
Saskia Beer’s Farm Produce, Saskia Beer’s Free Range Barossa Chook, SA
SchuAm Pork, Berkshire pork, SA
Sher Wagyu, Black Label F1 ribeye, Vic

The finalists in our section are listed below and included just 2 egg producers from around Australia.



A Hereford Beef A Hereford Beef (SA)
Barossa Birds Pasture-raised chicken (SA)
Braefield Prime Lamb Braefield prime lamb (Tas)
Bruny Island Food Free-range Berkshire pork (Tas)
Buena Vista Farm Free-range pastured chicken (NSW)
Bultarra Australian Saltbush Lamb Certified organic Saltbush lamb (SA)
Bundarra Berkshires Free range Berkshire pork (Vic)
Burrawong Gaian Poultry Pasture-raised chemical-free poussin (NSW)
Egganic Pasture-raised organically produced eggs (NSW)
Feast! Fine Foods Pure Suffolk lamb (SA)
Flinders Island Meat 5-week dry-aged Saltgrass lamb (Tas)
Flinders Island Meat Pasture-fed wallaby (Tas)
Frost Family Free-range Berkshire Pork Free-range pork (WA)
Greenvale Farm Genuine free-range heritage breed pork (Vic)
Huon Valley Berkshires Free-range pork (Tas)
Illawarra Prime Alpaca Alpaca (neck rosettes) (NSW)
Leeuwin Grass Fed Beef Leeuwin Grass Fed Beef (WA)
Macabee Dorper Lamb Dorper lamb (WA)
Macro Meats Paroo Premium Kangaroo (loin & tail) (SA)
Mallow Organic Lamb Certified organic lamb (Qld)
McIvor Farm Foods Free-range pork (Vic)
Melanda Park Pork Free-range suckling pig (NSW)
Milking Yard Farm Sommerlad breed whole chicken (Vic)
Mirrool Creek Lamb Mirrool Creek lamb (NSW)
Moorlands Biodynamic Lamb Biodynamic lamb rack (NSW)
Papanui Open Range Eggs Papanui open-range eggs (NSW)
Redgate Farm Jurassic Quail (NSW)
Rhodavale Pork Humane choice certified free-range pastured pork (Qld)
Saskia Beer’s Farm Produce Saskia Beer’s free-range chicken (SA)
SchuAm Pork Berkshire pork (SA)
Sher Wagyu Black Label F1 ribeye (Vic)

2014 Awards

Papanui – 2014 Finalist2014 finalist

2013 Awards
2013 Finalist

2013 Finalist

2013 we were honored to be selected to present our eggs to the Judges in the finals once       again. The winners were announced at Kitchen by Mike in Sydney. They are customers of ours and our eggs were featured as part of the food on the night and Di and Mark were happy to meet Mike for the first time then.

Unfortunately we didn’t receive any special gongs this year, but we were very happy to make it to the finals.

This year we were in fact the only egg producers in the whole of Australia to make it to the finals which we reckon is a win in itself.

There were 3,110 nominations from all over Australia competing for a place in the finals in four sections, from the dairy, from the earth, from the sea and from the paddock.

Here is a link to a story that journalist Tash Holden wrote for our local newspaper, the Scone Advocate

The “from the paddock” section of the produce awards which our eggs are in includes many different foods such as beef, lamb and pork – here is the list of the finalists for 2013.

From the paddock:

Backfatters Free Range Heritage Breed Pig Farm (Double Smoked Maple Cured Bacon; Free Range Heritage Breed Pork), QLD
Blackwood Valley Beef (Organic Grass-Fed Aged Beef), WA
Bruny Island Food (Pork Pie), TAS
Burrawong Gaian (Pasture Raised Pekin Duck), NSW
Cherry Tree Organics (Grass-fed, Organic Beef), VIC
Dandaragan Organic Beef (Organic Beef), WA
FigTrees Organic Farms (Organic Milk & Pasture-fed Veal), NSW
Flinders Island Meat (Milk-fed Lamb), TAS
Goodwood Green (Welsh Black Cattle Grass-Fed Dry-Aged Beef), NSW
Greenvale Farm (Heritage Breed Genuine Free-Range Pork; Pasture Matured Dry Aged Jumbuck), VIC
Jonai Farms (Ethical Bacon), VIC
Mandagery Creek Australian Farmed Venison (Venison), NSW
Mayura Station (Full-Blood Wagyu Beef), SA
Melanda Park (Free Range Pork), NSW
Moorlands Lamb (Biodynamic Lamb), NSW
Mount Gnomon Farm Dairy (Traditional Dairy Shorthorn Beef), TAS
Papanui Open Range Eggs (Open Range Eggs), NSW
Robbins Island Wagyu (Grass Fed Full-blood Wagyu), TAS
SchuAm Pork (Berkshire Pork), SA
Sher Wagyu (Sher Wagyu Blue Label Full-Blood Wagyu), VIC
Siwa Fresh (Organic Grass-Fed Hogget), QLD
The Farm House Margaret River (Arkady Lamb; Big Red Pork), WA
Warialda Belted Galloways (Bresaola; Grass-fed Beef), VIC

2012 Awards

2012 Finalist

2012 we were again excited to make it through the preliminary rounds of tasting to get to the finals. There were nearly 2,000 nominations this year and from that the judges selected the finalists (imagine what a big job it is to judge this!) We went to Brisbane for the finals of the Produce Awards but didn’t win a gold medal. There were four egg producers from around Australia as finalists (including us) and none of us were lucky enough to win a medal. In our section, “from the paddock” all the winners were meat producers. The judges said that eggs were a standout this year with the quality but still they didn’t award any of us which we thought was perhaps a vote for all of us in a way. Anyway, we were very proud to be in the finals again and we enjoyed the night. Di and Mark got to have a rare night away from the farm as a bonus.

The list of the finalists in the “from the paddock” section is below. The blue highlighted entries are the  four egg producers.  Congratulations to all of us!!

From the paddock

Barossa Farm Produce (Barossa Chicken), SA,, (08) 8562 3100(08) 8562 3100
Bendele Farm Organic Poultry (Bendele Hinterland Duck), Qld,, (07) 5484 7157(07) 5484 7157
Blackwood Valley Beef (Blackwood organic beef), WA,, (08) 9765 2121(08) 9765 2121
Brigadoon Harvest (Eggs),, (02) 6848 1153(02) 6848 1153
Bundarra Berkshires (Bundarra Berkshires Free Range pork sausages), Vic,, (03) 5453 2392
Bundarra Berkshires (Bundarra Berkshires Free Range pork loin), Vic,, (03) 5453 2392
Burrawong Gaian (Pasture & grain fed pekin duck), NSW, (02) 6561 5027
Cape Grim Beef (Grass-fed beef), Tas,, (03) 9644 6500
Cornucopia Biodynamic Farm (Cornucopia Biodynamic Farm Ethical Eggs), NSW,  
Dandragan Organic Beef (Organic beef Aged 21 days), WA,, (08) 9651 4022
Glenloth Game (Pheasant), Vic,, (03) 5493 7383
Glenloth Game (Guinea fowl), Vic,, (03) 5493 7383
Greenvale Farm ( Free range smoked ham on the bone), Vic,, (03) 5354 1343
Greenvale Farm (Free range pork Rib Rack Roast), Vic,, (03) 5354 1343
Gundooee Organics (Organic wagyu beef), NSW,, (02) 6375 0350
Hammond Farms (Robbins Island grass-fed wagyu), Tas,, (03) 6456 6213
Landfall Farm Fresh (Landfall Prime Lamb – 100% grass-fed), Tas, (03) 6334 5751
Landfall Farm Fresh (Landfall Angus Beef – 100% grass-fed), Tas,, (03) 6334 5751
Mallow Lamb (Organic lamb), Qld,, (07) 4683 6236
Mayura Station (Wagyu beef), SA,, (08) 8733 4333
Melanda Park Free Range Pork (Free range whole suckling pig), NSW,, (02) 4579 8185
Mirrool Creek Lamb (Lamb), NSW,, 0407 262 395
Mount Gnomon Farm (Free range Wessex saddleback pork belly), Tas,, 0448 067 779
Mount Gnomon Farm (Free range Wessex saddleback pork ham), Tas,, 0448 067 779
Nanima Farm Lamb (Nanima lamb), NSW,, (02) 6845 1910
Papanui Open Range Eggs (Papanui Open Range Eggs), NSW,, (02) 6548 2493(02) 6548 2493
Plain Paddocks Lamb (Dorper Lamb Shoulder), Vic,
Santalia Biodynamic (Cackleberries Demeter biodynamic certified free range eggs), WA,
SchuAm Berkshire Pork (Berkshire pork), SA, (08) 8525 2811
Seven Hills Tallarook (Goat meat), Vic,, 1300 744 557
Sher Wagyu (Black Label rib-eye wagyu beef MS 8-9), Vic,, (03) 5368 2345
Silverwood Organics (Organic lamb), Qld,, (07) 4658 9120
Vitulus Lowline Stud (Vitulus Locker Valley Beef), Qld,, (07) 5466 7266
Warialda Belted Galloway Beef (Grass-fed beef), Vic,, 0438 871 560
White Rocks Veal (White Rocks veal), WA,, (08) 9371 6350
Wurrook Superfine Prime (Wurrook Superfine Prime – Fine Grained Australian Merino Meat), Vic,, (03) 5346 1401
Wyntrade Lamb (Wyntrade Lamb – 100% grass-fed), NSW,, (02) 6945 4400

2011 Awards

2011 Finalist

The 2011 delicious magazine Produce Awards finals were held at the Opera House in Sydney and we were very excited to be included. Only two egg producers in Australia made it to the finals, Papanui and Cornucopia. There were over 1,000 nominations this year from all over Australia. Congratulations to Cornucopia who won a gold medal on the night, we were very pleased to have made it to the last two! In 2010 no hen egg producers made it to the finals (Cornucopia got there with their duck eggs though!), the year before that we won a gold medal along with two others from Victoria.

Here is the list of the finalists in the “from the paddock” section.

From the paddock

Gundooee Organic Wagyu Beef (beef),, (02) 6375 0350(02) 6375 0350
Mayura Station (grass-fed wagyu),, (08) 8733 4333(08) 8733 4333
Cape Grim Beef (beef),, (03) 9644 6500(03) 9644 6500
Blackmore Mishima Beef, (Mishima),, (03) 5772 2871(03) 5772 2871
Moondarra (grass-fed Tajima beef), (03) 9598 0766(03) 9598 0766
Warialda Belted Galloway Beef (beef),, (03) 5787 1560(03) 5787 1560
Sher Wagyu (wagyu beef),, (03) 5368 2345(03) 5368 2345
Della Gola Prime (grass-fed yearling beef), 0427 445 8480427 445 848

Macleay Valley Rabbits (rabbit), (02) 6561 7233(02) 6561 7233
Lenah Game Meats (wallaby),, (03) 6326 1777(03) 6326 1777

Mirrool Creek Lamb (lamb),, 0407 262 3950407 262 395
Jelm Pastoral Lamb (lamb),, (02) 6943 1917(02) 6943 1917
Silverwood Organic Lamb (Dorper lamb),, (07) 4658 9120(07) 4658 9120
Mallow Organic Lamb (lamb),, (07) 4683 6236(07) 4683 6236
Feast! Fine Foods (pure Suffolk lamb),, (08) 8132 1355(08) 8132 1355
Wurrock Superfine Prime (lamb),, (03) 5346 1401(03) 5346 1401

Schu Am Pork (pork), (08) 8525 2811(08) 8525 2811
Western Plains Pork (suckling pig),, (03) 5341 4682(03) 5341 4682
Greenvale Farm Rare Breed Pork (pork),, (03) 5354 1343(03) 5354 1343

Cornucopia Biodynamic Farm (hen’s eggs),, (02) 4931 7100(02) 4931 7100
Redgate Farm (jurassic quail),, (02) 4930 5445(02) 4930 5445
Papanui Open Range Eggs (hen’s eggs),, (02) 6548 2493(02) 6548 2493
Organic Poultry of Burrawong (chicken), (02) 6569 0901(02) 6569 0901
Banyard Game (whole quail), 0412 336 3260412 336 326

Moondarra (grass-fed Tajima bresaola),, 0408 666 3480408 666 348
Fernleigh Free-Range (chorizo),, (03) 5348 5682(03) 5348 5682
Seven Hills Tallarook (goat),, 1300 744 5571300 744 557
White Rocks Veal (veal),, (08) 9371 6350(08) 9371 6350

2009 Awards


The 2009 Vogue Entertaining and Travel Produce Awards were held at Etch restaurant in Sydney on the night of May 12. Mark and Di attended the very crowded cocktail party as one of the finalists. We were thrilled to receive a Gold Medal for our eggs along with two other egg producers from around Australia.

The results for the section we were in follows.

Winner: from the paddock – white rocks veal, WA


Papanui Open Range Eggs (NSW),
Redgate Farm Jurassic Quail (NSW),
Macleay Valley Rabbits (NSW),
Mayura Station wagyu (SA),
Pure Suffolk Lamb (SA),
Daylesford Organics eggs (Vic),
Sher Wagyu (Vic),
Blackmore Wagyu (Vic),
Glenloth Free Range squab (Vic),
Castricum Brothers lamb (Vic),
Green Eggs (Vic).