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Reading List

Anything from Joel Salatin is good – look him up on youtube. Books I’ve read include Salad Bar Beef, Pastured Poultry Profits, You Can Farm and Family Friendly Farming. Joel is an American but don’t hold that against him, he is a clear and free thinking farmer who refuses to be pigeon holed by those who seek to dominate and control others by labelling them. He is my hero.

Mark meeting Joel Salatin

Mark meeting Joel Salatin

The Omnivores Dilemma by Michael Pollan (also an American) is an interesting read. I was given the book by Di’s uncle who is 90 years old. He has a fantastically enquiring mind ( He is a very young 90 year old, I know 30 year olds that are older than he is in a mental sense) – he read this book and flatteringly sent it to me saying I could have written it! Pollan comes across Salatin in his search for a truly sustainable meal.

Knowledge Rich Ranching is by Allan Nation who again is an American. It seems that Americans are more inclined to tell us what they think than us Aussies – for that I am thankful – if these people didn’t write books I would be a lot more ignorant than I am already! This book I recommend to anyone who has a fairytale view of life on the land. I love it because it recognises the time and effort that real farming families must put into the land in order to make some sort of living from it.